Commercial Storage Units

Storage for your business needs

Why Choose a Storage Unit?

An economical option for commercial storage

If you run a business, you already know how much space can cost you. 

Expanding your office, moving to an entirely new storefront, finding or constructing a warehouse—all of this is expensive. 

Compare the cost per square foot of any of these other options to the cost per square foot of one of our self storage units. 

You’ll quickly realize how much you’ll save!

How Businesses Use Storage

What kinds of businesses benefit the most from storage units? Here are some examples!

Medical Offices & Pharmacies

These businesses are often required by law to store medical records and other documents for years. Instead of letting them pile up in the office, you can turn to self storage units for a solution.

Local Contractors

Contractors often use the kitchen table as an office and the cab of their truck as a break room. Space is already limited at home, and eventually, you run out of space in the garage. Storage units can help.

Stores and E-commerce

What better option than a storage unit for storing your inventory? If you’re a physical store, a storage unit can serve as space for your excess inventory. For e-commerce, you can stock your items in a unit until they’re purchased online!

Climate-Controlled Storage for Businesses

Our climate-controlled self storage units are the best option for businesses storing inventory, records, or other sensitive items. 

While some equipment might do just fine in a non-climate-controlled storage unit, belongings that are prone to damage from extreme temperatures or humidity will appreciate the added protection of climate control.

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